Posecai's Restaurant

   Posecai's Restaurant is located at 1443 Trailwood Drive in Greenville, Mississippi.  The casual dining restaurant offers a variety of cuisine.  From the local Delta favorites to the creole and cajun taste of New Orleans and scrumptious desserts, the menu promises a selection to please every diner's taste.

     When you walk into Posecai's you can't help but feel that you have transcended back in time to the unique ambience of New Orleans. The house was built in 1896 by master craftsman and lumber jack Eli Franklin Wineman.  Mr. Wineman was also one of the original operators of Greenville's newly restored and the country's oldest Armitage-Herschell Carousel, which is now housed in the E. E. Bass Cultural Center.  The house was cut in half, rolled onto logs, and transported by mules in 1917 to Broadway Street near downtown Greenville where it was reassembled.  In the 1990's, it was moved again to its current location on Trailwood Drive. 

     The mystique and solid architecture of an era past comes alive amidst crisp white tablecloths in contrast to modern black slatted chairs situated around each table.  Colorful watercolor and oil renderings for sale by local Delta artists adorn the walls.  While most of the walls are still the original wood, some have been replaced by sheetrock.  The warmth of the rich wide plank hardwood floors under foot complete the ambiance meticulously created by Ted and Rebecca Posecai with a little help from their friends.  (Beverly Ford, Life in the Delta)

     Posecai's is proud to call Greenville its home.  Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Greenville is in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the Blues.  The local people of the Delta are the most friendly people in the country.  Perhaps the friendly personalities of the Delta have been the influence for the many published writers the city has produced; more than any other city in the country.  The William Alexander Percy Memorial Library in downtown Greenville houses an exhibit featuring Greenville Writers such as Shelby Foote, William Alexander Percy, Walker Percy, and Hodding Carter.  Greenville also offers some of the country's best fishing with it's many oxbow lakes formed by the erosion of the Mississippi River over time.  Hunters will encounter an abundance of Deer, Dove, Turkey, Coon, Squirrel and even Alligators in the vast areas of thickets, fields, and lakes around the Mississippi Delta.  And if it is gaming you enjoy, Greenville has three casinos offering exciting gaming entertainment as well as shows featuring renowned performers.    



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