Chef Ted Posecai on the set of
Cooking with Posecai


Chef Ted Posecai

     "You don't have to make the drive to the Crescent City to experience authentic New Orleans cuisine because Chef Ted Posecai, a New Orleans native and long-time Delta dweller is an artisan when it comes to creating the most unique menu in Greenville." (Beverly Ford, Life in the Delta)

     Ted Posecai has produced over 100 television shows for WXVT in Greenville, Mississippi and the surrounding Delta area. 

     Ted's love for cooking came from his grandmother Mere Mere Boudreaux and always knew he wanted his own restaurant.  His exciting career began in the French Quarter of New Orleans at the Chart House Restaurant overlooking Jackson Square.  Ted's main influence was his apprenticeship with Chef Frank Brightsen of New Orleans, a national award winning chef who worked with Chef Paul Prudhomme at Commanders Palace in New Orleans. 

     "I love creating something new and watching my customers enjoy what they are eating," said Ted. 

     Posecai's menu reflects his New Orleans past as well as his current Delta Favorites and his new sushi menu. 









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